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Fire Wood?

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Entertainment Center

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This is the entertainment center custom designed and built from Red Oak. Front View Side View Custom back panel with upper and lower heat vents and chases for wires.

Chaiten Volcano in southern Chile

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News Article

Generation Y Management

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Give them their “scores” Recent graduates are accustomed to receiving regular feedback in the form of test scores and grades and appreciate knowing where they stand. Keep the door open, but don’t be a doormat. This group appreciates a friendly, fair-minded manager who ...

Christopher and Morgan before Prom

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IT Security Websites

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Here are several great sources. sans I would recommend signing up for the SANs NewsBites cisecurity This site can help you all with configuration management and benchmarks CSRC csialliance This site is a good one and the specific page lists a whole bunch of ...

Business Guidance

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1. Customer Value Identify the true customer whether internal or external.  Create a strategy for identifying their goals and or pain.  Grow the relationships through credible / reliable interactions.  Create customized customer touch points to maintain a predictive partnership. 2. Company ...